Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

The other day I was having lunch downtown with Jon (boyfriend) and our little doggie, Lola (it also happened to be her 5th birthday on this day!). The sun was shining and the air felt warm despite it being the beginning of February and still being winter. I remember watching the reflection of the sun dance upon the sidewalk and got the warm fuzzies when I saw Lola flop down in one of the sunny areas to soak up some Vitamin D. The day was peaceful, I was relaxed, enjoying the warmth - even though it must've been in the high 40s... The sun did a good job of tricking me into thinking it was the beginning of Spring.

I saw a small group of people walking along the pavement headed in our direction. Now, there were many passersby during our meal, but what was different about this group of people were the signs they were holding. The signs they held were made of posterboard and written in big, unmistakable letters were the words, "FREE HUGS". I watched as they gave hugs to people they've never met and I could instantly feel my heart growing brighter! A couple of the guys walked by where we were sitting and I happily got my free hug and so did Jon. It amazed me how much a simple gesture can really perk up your day. Even the air had a buzzing energy to it from all the positivity floating around!

The "Free Hugs" campaign has been going on for years, but that didn't make the encounter any less special. There are so many of us out there who are striving to lead happier, more peaceful lives. We want to co-exist with others in harmony and the act of giving out free hugs is a perfect example of how to bring people closer. Love really does make the world go 'round and random acts of kindess are a great way to spread the love!

What are some things you do to spread kindness and love?

For those who haven't yet seen the "Free Hugs" video on YouTube, here it is:


  1. I saw that video before and I loved the idea. Maybe I will have to start that up in my city!

    Doing your giveaway today! :)


  2. What a great video! Thanks for sharing! I think that should be broadcasted daily on the news. I like to do "secret" acts of kindness. My girls and I call ourselves secret angels. The latest is, my oldest sneaks over to our elderly ladies house and puts her garbage out before school and then sneaks the can back up to her house after school. I am sure the neighbor knows it is her..makes us happy.

  3. Denise, your girls sound so sweet! :) I love how you all call yourselves 'secret angels' - you really are and that's awesome!!

    And thank you Megan, your blog rocks in so many ways!! :)